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Abhineet Jain’s Strategy for Ticket to Vegas $10000 Depositor’s Freeroll

After freerolling all the major live series this year – BPT, WPT UK and DPT and the upcoming ones DPT Oct and WPT China; WSOPC rozvadov was on my wishlist for this year and given the location I was really keen on winning this one since I missed WPT rozvadov earlier this year. This was my second attempt at the satellite and man it was a tough field with baazi pro Paawan and Jasven and Nobleaces pro Anmol battling it out for just 1 seat! I will discuss in brief about the satellite strategy in general and my future plans.

Satellite strategy

  • If there is one prize, the basic strategy is similar to cash play where the focus is on maximizing chip EV. Some marginal plus cEV spots can be passed if one has a considerable edge on the field but the ultimate aim is to get all the chips.
  • If there are more than one seats, the basic strategy remains the same but there are a lot of adjustments to be made while seats get closer to the bubble as compared to a regular MTT. The stack distribution significantly affects calling/shoving ranges and the bubble has a lot more value.
  • Table image: The basic idea is to win as many chips as possible without showdown or getting into all in confrontations which means that having a table image of a loose aggressive maniac helps. To build this image we need to make some marginally losing plays. This is only possible early on in the tournament and with a reentry/rebuy structure. Satellites are usually reentry/rebuy with addon so this is one of the strategies which can be used effectively at earlier stages especially against the regulars to gain advantage at a later stage. If players know I am willing to call wide, my EV increases as I get shoved on less often and win chips uncontested in let’s say BvB situations. A tight player will get more shoves in comparison and thereby will lose more cEV.


Future plans

I had a really fruitful 2016 (still a lot to come!) in terms of my learning curve and profits and with this Eurotrip I achieved at least one of my goals for this year. In terms of profit I did not achieve what I set out for in the beginning of the year so that’s a little disappointing but to be fair I invested a lot of time in travelling so it’s all good. With the current association with IPP ( I hope to spread awareness about this amazing game and all I can say right now is there are a lot of exciting things in store for Indian poker.

Having said that, I would like to end the year on a high note and what better than winning a trip to the mecca of poker once again. I am really looking forward to playing the depositors freeroll on gopoker with the WSOP main event package as the first prize!  It will be a huge value tournament for all the grinders out there and I hope to see all of you on the tables.

Gl and happy grinding,


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