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A bankroll challenge providing players with an opportunity to play the games they love while reducing the personal risk factor involved. By multiplying their investment and thus bankroll, players are given the freedom to move up and choose stakes they were previously skeptical to explore. The added roll allows players to play more freely and helps them reduce variance- a standard element of any poker game. In addition to this, the GoRoll Challenge is an ideal opportunity for any player to try and spin up their roll.

The game of poker is highly strategic; one based on numbers, probability and awareness. Every game brings new learnings, and the need to adapt is constant. Mastering the game of poker is only half the equation. The long-term success of any poker player (professional or recreational) depends on their ability to manage their bankrolls. This is the total amount set aside for the game. Simply put, no roll, no play.

A player can only play their best poker playing at stakes that they are comfortable with. Based on the size of one’s bankroll, stake limits and other variables are set. Regardless of the result of a game, a player is advised to stay within these guidelines to ensure a profitable result in the long run. It is extremely easy to ignore these facts and try out higher stakes or play based on “feeling” – but any successful player will tell you that this feeling isn’t going to take you very far. Building a roll requires patience, dedication and discipline. Conquer these and poker glory is yours!

Many of us have heard of players winning massive scores overnight. Some of us have done it ourselves. Either by taking down a prize-heavy tournament or going on a serious heater on a juicy cash game, these players cashed-in big. In 2003, Chris Moneymaker won an $89 satellite and went on to win the WSOP in Vegas for a whopping $2.5 million. Now that’s some serious bankroll building! Several other have made some improbable scores in a short span of time. The following year, David Williams converted $5000 into about $900,000 in one night. He started off at a 25/50 NLHE cash table and made his way up to a 500/1000 PLO game with the top pros. That’s 180x his investment overnight!

This is one of the major advantages that the GoRoll Challenge provides. An opportunity for a player to spin up a roll in a short span of time, while investing only a fraction of the amount.

Many are under the assumption that only the “struggling” players need some sort of aid when it comes to their bankrolls. While this is true for the most part, accomplished players too have something to gain. No player, good or bad, can avoid variance. Yes, since a good player would deal with this variance better than a bad player would, the swings would be smaller. None the less, they would exist. It is for this reason that players often “sell action” to investors. Whether for a tournament series or for cash games, doing so reduces a player’s variance in the long run.

Some of the top pros from around the globe choose to sell action on selective games. Cash games of unimaginable stakes are played at some of the most popular poker destinations like Macau and Las Vegas. Tournaments like the “One Drop” have a $1 million buy-in. What is important to note is that these professionals aren’t selling action for these games because they don’t have the money to put up themselves. Nor do they believe that the other players have an advantage over them in terms of skill or ability. The nature of the game is such that sometimes good play is rewarded, and sometimes it’s not. Most times the best hand wins, but sometimes it doesn’t. Even the best player in the world can lose to someone who is playing their first game of poker. One unlikely card on the river can send you packing from a tournament such as the One Drop. It is to avoid blows like these to their bankrolls that players choose to sell action.

When an investor buys a player’s action, it means that the investor will get a share of the profits (if any) that is proportionate to his investment. That is to say, if he buys 20% of a player’s action, he receives 20% of a player’s profits. Then there are “stakers” – investors who put up the entire amount for a minimum of a 50% share of the profits. In this case, any loss is completely borne by the investor. Both these concepts are fairly popular in poker and are usually chosen when both parties see potential in the deal.

The GoRoll Challenge gives players a 5x bankroll (on their investment), and an opportunity to keep 100% profits based on their abilityto complete set tasks.There are many potentially great poker players that never move up stakes because they are unable to build their rolls. The relatively newer ones hesitate to put larger amounts of money on the line. The GoRollChallenge is aimed at helping players overcome these restricting factors and in the process, providing an ideal environment to play poker.

The Challenge

The GoRoll Challenge is essentially a bankroll challenge -players are presented with the opportunity of building their bankrolls through achieving a series of set targets, while putting up only a fraction of the investment (20%).Available in three different brackets, players may comfortably choose their stakes and investment amounts, and can gain profits based on their ability to achieve these targets.


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Based on the fundamental principles of Bankroll Management, The GoRollChallenge is divided into the following three categories:


In this category, players may play only No Limit Hold’em games.

a) LOW

Deposit 1k and avail a 5k GoRoll. Players may choose to play cash games up to stakes 5/10 in this category.


Deposit 5k and avail a 25k GoRoll. Players may choose to play cash games ranging from 10/20 to 25/50.


Deposit 10k and avail a 50k GoRoll. Players may choose to play cash games from stakes 25/50 to 50/100.


In this category, players may play both NLHE and PLO games, provided they do so within the given stakes for their respective categories.

a) LOW

Deposit 1k and avail a 2.5k GoRoll. Players may choose to play cash games up to stakes 5/10 in this category.


Deposit 5k and avail a 12.5k GoRoll. Players may choose to play cash games ranging from 5/10 to 10/20.


Deposit 10k and avail a 25k GoRoll. Players may choose to play cash games from stakes 10/20 to 25/50


Deposit 20k and avail a 50k bankroll. Players may choose to play games ranging from 25/50 to 50/100.


Players will need to fulfill the following criteria in order to maximize their profits:

a) TheGoRoll challenge will be conducted over a 15 day period.

b) The challenge is applicable only on No Limit Hold’em & PLO 6-max and 8-max ring games.

c) Players who play any games or stakes outside the listed criteria will be disqualified with immediate effect.

d) Players are required to play at least 4500 raked hands during this period.

e) If the above conditions are met, a player may keep 100% of the available GoRoll.

f) If a player has not completed the required hands but is in profit, these profits will be given to the player as follow:

325--4499 hands - 75%
2000-3249 hands – 50%
1500-1999 hands – 30%
1000-1499 hands – 15%
1000 hands – no profits

g) In a situation where a player loses the provided bankroll, a “second chance” entry into the challenge is allowed. Players may contact for more details.

h) In addition to the profits, the top three players of each category get to keep their GoRolls and will be provided with a mentoring program following which they will be given the opportunity to be staked in higher limit games.

i) The overall winner of the leaderboard across both variants of the game and all three categories will fly to Macau for the ACOP Platinum Series Main Event (package worth 1.2 lacs). This will be calculated based on the points accumulated by a player during this period.

The GoRoll Challenge is aimed at providing players with a comfortable bankroll so as to showcase their skills on the felts and perform to the best of their abilities. In the process, a player not only makes a great return on his/her investment, but also learns the art of managing a bankroll – something that will stay with them throughout their poker career.


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