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The Pro Hunt is On !!

The PRO HUNT is on!!!
We’re looking for 3 pros who will represent us and travel the world to play poker against some of the biggest names in the business.
What’s more, we’ve structured the PRO HUNT in such a way that absolutely anybody stands a chance to win! We believe that the rapidly growing poker community in the country has an abundance of untapped talent, and we’re trying to provide an opportunity for these players to grow and showcase their skills and get the recognition they deserve!
If you play poker, love the game, and believe that you are destined for it, then the PRO HUNT is a ticket to the next big step in your poker career!
So – do you think you have what it takes?
We’re hosting a range of cash games, sit n gos and tournaments designed to test a player’s skills and decision making capabilities. Win your way through various rounds and top the leaderboard to become a Team PRO!



How it Works?

a) The PRO HUNT begins on the 9th of March, 2017.

b) There will be 6 qualifiers that player can choose from, ranging over a playing period of 60 days.

c) Each qualifier is 10 days long, and will be conducted from Thursday through to Sunday.

d) The top 4 players of each qualifier (2 from cash, 1 sng, 1 tourney) fight it out for top spot.

e) This winner will be chosen immediately after each qualifier concludes.

f) Players who finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th will fall into the “Second Chance” category of the selection process.

g) The winner of each qualifier will go through to the Final Qualifier.

h) After all 6 qualifiers are completed, the “Second Chance” category will comprise of 18 players (3 from each qualifier). These players will fight it out for the top 2 spots.

i) Finally, the 6 winners will be joined by the 2 winners from “Second Chance” and they will play for the top 3 spots.

j) The winner of this competition will be announced as the International Pro, while 2nd and 3rd place will be announced as the Domestic Pros.

k) These pros will represent and will be provided with the opportunity to travel and play poker globally throughout the year.

l) The 8 winners get a direct entry through the “Wild Card” category into the upcoming Indian Online Poker League (IOPL) powered by This league will have the BIGGEST TOP PRIZE that Indian Online Poker has witnessed yet.

m) The structures of these 10-day qualifiers will keep changing, so as to accommodate all game styles and types. It will be the ultimate test of a player’s skills.

International Pro Base Deal: Rs 10 lakh
Domestic Pro Base Deal: Rs 6 lakh each

How to take part:
Qualifier 1 begins on Thursday, 9th March and will conclude on Sunday, 19th March. Similarly, Qualifier 2 begins on Thursday, 23rd March. Every qualifier will have a leaderboard from Thursday through to Sunday (10 days). Players may pre-enroll for their desired batches by depositing a minimum of Rs 10,000 using code GOPRO.
The PRO HUNT will be followed by the launch of the IOPL – a first of its kind Online Poker League comprising of 8 teams from across the country.
This year promises to be a great one for Poker in India, one that will probably change the face of the game and mark the beginning of the inevitable growth that the sport will witness in the years to come. For a Poker lover, literally, there’s no time like the present!

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