Where and how can I get the GoPoker.in mobile app?

We have the GoPoker.in mobile app for any smartphone device you are using be it iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, and Android™ devices. To get the GoPoker.in mobile app for your Apple® device, all you need to do is to head on to the App Store℠ to get it directly to your device. If you use an Android™ device, please visit our site www.GoPoker.in on your device to download the android app.

Getting started on the GoPoker.in mobile app

What kinds of devices are supported?

The GoPoker.in mobile app is compatible with iOS and AndroidTM devices. Check out the details provided below.

iOS Devices:

The GoPoker.in mobile app works on all devices running iOS 7.0 or higher versions. Please read the information provided below for details of OS versions.

Please follow these procedures listed below to find out what operating system your iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod touch® is running on:

  • Find the ‘Settings’ button on your Home screen display

  • Select ‘General’

  • Check ‘About’

In case you need to update your iOS, simply get your device connected to your laptop and update via iTunes®.

AndroidTM Devices:

Any device running AndroidTM 4.1 and above is compatible with the GoPoker.in mobile app and the screen resolution of the android device should be at least 800×480.

To know which operating system your AndroidTM device runs on, please follow these procedures (or follow the instructions contained in your device’s user manual):

  • Find the ‘Settings’ button on Your Home display

  • Scroll to ‘About Phone’

  • Select ‘software information’

In case you want to upgrade your AndroidTM operating system, check for ‘Software Updates’ or follow the device’s user’s manual.

Other Operating Systems

Please be aware that GoPoker.in is compatible with device running android 4.1 above and for iOS, 7.0 above. If you are a new player, kindly take note of this. For further clarification, please send us anemail.

Are tablets compatible with the GoPoker.in app?

The GoPoker.in mobile app is compatible with iPad as well as AndroidTM tablets. To know if your device is supported, please check out our minimum device requirements above. Alternatively, you can choose the “instant play” option to play without downloading the app

Does the GoPoker.in mobile app work on all AndroidTMdevices?

No. Only mobile devices running AndroidTM 4.1 and above, with a minimal screen resolution of 800×480 are compatible with our mobile app. Therefore, GoPoker.in mobile app doesn’t work on all android devices.

Is the GoPoker.in mobile app free?

Yes, the GoPoker.in mobile app is free to download and use. Nevertheless, your mobile operator may bill you for data used in running ht app on your device.

Is there need for internet connection or a data plan if I want to use the GoPoker.in mobile app?

Yes, in order to run the GoPoker.in app on your mobile device, you need to have a working internet connection or a data plan.

We advise that you review your mobile operator terms and conditions, or get in touch with your mobile network provider to know more about your present data plan and fees associated.

Mobile Connection Problems

I’m unable to connect to the web, what can I do?

Please follow the troubleshooting guide below:

Turn off Airplane Mode: Ensure the “Airplane Mode” is turned off by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Airplane Mode’.

Internet Connection: Check that you’re able to connect to the internet with your device. To get this done, determine if you have any of these icons on top of your display screen:

Internet Connection/Connection type

Mobile data network (EDGE for GSM versions only)

Cellular data network (UMTS/EV-DO/H/H+)


Mobile data network (GPRS/1xRTT)

If your device has an active network connection it will show the Wi-Fi icon or any of the cellular data network icons.

In the event you are making use ofWi-Fi, a mobile data network indicator won’t be seen unless you turn off Wi-Fi.

Restart: If all these doesn’t work just restart your mobile device, be it iOS or Android™.


iOS devices: Press and hold both the ‘Home’ and ‘Sleep’ buttons simultaneously. You will see a slider will appears – keep on holding the buttons until you see the display go blank. Keep on holding until the device begins to restart; indicated by the appearance of the Apple® logo.

Android™ devices: To restart your android device, make use of the ‘Restart’ function if available, which can be accessed by holding down the power button. Alternatively shut down your mobile and put it back on.

Check for upgrades: After restarting your device and the connection issue persists, check if you’re running the latest version of GoPoker.in mobile app. Read the information below to upgrade the GoPoker.in mobile app on your iOS or Android device.


iOS device: Logon to the App StoreSM on your device and select ‘Update’ at the bottom right hand corner. If your GoPoker.in mobile app shows here, tap on it and just follow the guide.

Android™ devices: It’s possible for you to download the most recent version of the GoPoker.in app for Android™ devices by visiting www.GoPoker.in on your mobile device.

Reinstall the App: Follow these directions to reinstall the app on your device if all the above steps fail:

iOS devices

In order to back-up the application data, connect your device to your PC and sync with iTunes®.

Touch and hold the GoPoker.in icon on Your Home display until the icons begins moving after the sync is complete.

Press the “x” on the corner of the GoPoker.in app icon.

Press ‘Delete’ to uninstall all its data and the app from your mobile device.

Press the ‘Home’ button to lock the Home display icons in place.

Reinstall the GoPoker.in mobile app. To get this done, sync the device with iTunes®.

Android™ devices

To back-up the app data, connect your mobile to your PC and follow the directions of the device manufacturer to do a sync.

After the sync is completed, go to ‘Settings’ “>’Applications’ “> ‘manage applications’. Find the GoPoker.in mobile app and follow the directions to ‘Uninstall’.

Reinstall the app. To get this done, download the GoPoker.in mobile app by following the procedures highlighted on our download page.

Contact support: In case problem persists, please send a message through our contact page with a comprehensive report about your difficulty in trying to connect, with any error messages you get, the mobile device you use, and what iOS or Android™ operating system your device is running on.

More questions about the GoPoker.in mobile app

How do I register or create an account with the GoPoker.in mobile app?

You’ll need a GoPoker.in account or guest Account to play with the GoPoker.in mobile app.

In case you have an account but have forgotten your login details, please e-mail us along with your complete name and address, with your GoPoker.in User ID, and we’ll assist you in getting back to the game.

At any possible time, you need to e-mail us using the email address which has been validated and has been used in registering your GoPoker.in account. This will help us to obtain your account information and provide you with the best answer.

Please be aware that in case you already have a GoPoker.in account, you’ll need to make use of the account to play from the mobile app. It’s not possible to create a new account if you already have one.

You can create an account directly from the www.GoPoker.in mobile app if you don’t have an account with us. Just clickon the ‘Create New Account’ button, when it appears, follow the steps.

You can even create a GoPoker.in account with the help of the GoPoker.in desktop app. To get this done, please logon to http://www.gopoker.in from your computer.

As an alternative, it is possible to create a new GoPoker.in guest account by clicking on the ‘Try as Guest’ when prompted to log in. A guest account lets you learn more about the GoPoker.in mobile app and try our play money games. It’s possible for you to update into a full GoPoker.in account at any point.

What connection do I need to use GoPoker.in mobile app?

You can play on the GoPoker.in mobile app making use of a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G internet connections. But, we advise you to make use of a Wi-Fi connection whenever you can because.

Where could I play the game?

Once you are registered fully on GoPoker.in, you are free to play from the mobile app from anywhere in the world.

Can I play poker for real money on the GoPoker.in mobile app?

If you’re within an authorized location, then yes, it is possible to play poker for real money on the GoPoker.in mobile app. You may even practice your abilities with play money games in all locations.

What games could I play using the GoPoker.in mobile app?

Presently, you can play various sets of games on our mobile app, and as time goes on, we will be adding more games for you to enjoy.

How many tables am I permitted to play?

Presently, you can only play one table at a time.

What languages is the GoPoker.in mobile app accessible in?

The GoPoker.in mobile app is available in the languages below:

  • English

  • Portuguese (BR)

  • French

  • Bulgarian (Android devices only)

  • Croatian

  • Slovakian

  • Ukrainian

  • Greek

  • Dutch

  • Swedish

  • Finnish

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Russian

  • Norwegian

  • Danish

  • Romanian

  • Hungarian

  • Polish

  • Czech

  • Chinese Simplified

  • Italian

Note: By default, the language of the app will be the language of the OS the device is running on.

App features and mobile gaming experience

Can I deposit real money with the GoPoker.in mobile app?


Can I make real money withdrawal with the GoPoker.in mobile app?


I get asked for my location, why?

The regulations under which we operate require this.

Are the games available on GoPoker.in mobile app the same with those on desktop app?

Yes, the games now available on the GoPoker.in mobile app will be exactly the same accessible ones on the desktop app, with access to additional games that are updated regularly. When playing in the GoPoker.in mobile app, you will be playing with the same set of players just like those making use of the desktop app.

Can Customer Support reply another email address other than the one I registered with at GoPoker.in?

No. GoPoker.in policy states that we can only provide account information to the email address registered with the account.

Can the email I use in registering my GoPoker.in account be changed with the aid of the mobile app?

Yes, your GoPoker.in email address can be changed with the help of the mobile app. All you need to do is login to your account menu, click on ‘Change email address’ and follow with the guide provided.

Can I multi-table?

No. Presently, you are only allowed to play one table at a time on all mobile devices.

Is it possible to request hand histories of the hands I have played?

If you want to request a transcript of your hand histories, you’ll have to e-mail our Customer Service and request this information. To see the hand history of hands played within your present session, navigate to ‘Account’ > ‘Last Hand History’ on your device.

I have changed my device; can I still play my game? How do I switch from desktop app to mobile app or vice versa?

Simply logout from one device and login with the other device if you want to switch between devices. For example, if you are using the mobile app and want to switch to the desktop app, logout from the mobile app before logging into the desktop app. Note that you can only login to your GoPoker.in account from one device at a time.

How will I know about offers and promotions available to me?

You can find out about the promotions that are open to you by logging in and navigating to your personal ‘My Promotions’ page (click on the starred card icon on Android™ device or iOS device). The full list of our latest offers will popup; just tap on each box to learn more about that promotion.

We will always keep you updated about our promotions and offers via notifications on your mobile device from time to time. We send the notifications rarely so you don’t have to be worried about spamming.

Mobile Poker Security

My phone was stolen; do I have to block my GoPoker.in account?

Please e-mail us as soon as possible with your registered GoPoker.in email address and provide your user ID, name and any other necessary details you can remember.

Is playing with the GoPoker.in mobile app safe? If yes, how secure is it?

All communications between our app running on players’ mobile devices (Android or iOS) or computers and our servers is encrypted.

To find out more about our security features, go to our GoPoker.in security page.

Connection Problems

Will I experience disconnections or slowdown while using the GoPoker.in mobile app on my mobile device?

The internet is a peer-to-peer network, meaning that information flowing between your PC or cellular device as well as the game server must pass through several ‘peer’ machines (likely 8 to 24 or even more). These machines do not belong to GoPoker.in or your internet service provider (ISP), however, your connection depends on them. You may experience temporary slowdown or disconnection issue from time to time if any of these peer machines is having problem.

Your e-mail and particular websites may continue to function when there is a temporary GoPoker.in connectivity problem. That is because some websites may have a different or shorter network route to your own device than GoPoker.in does.

In addition, please note that it may take up your mobile device about 90 seconds to reconnect when changing between a Wi-Fi and 3G network connection. If you’re logged in throughout that time, you’ll be disconnected from your server. In light of this, we strongly advise that you just sit out from any tables before changing networks.

What happens if I press the Home button to send the GoPoker.in mobile app to the background or answer a phone call while making use of the app?

When you answer a call, the GoPoker.in app will go to the background. If after answering a phone call and you need to return to the game, you have to restart the GoPoker.in mobile app manually. Returning the mobile app to the background will automatically sit you out at the tables. Your hand will automatically be folded or checked if you are currently in a hand, and if a bet is in front of you. Because of this, you are strongly advised not to exit the GoPoker.in mobile app while in a hand at the table.

NOTE: you’ll be logged out due to inactivity if after 10 minutes you don’t return to GoPoker.in app.

Technical Information

Which connection is better, Wi-Fi 4G, or 3G?

When you have a reliable WI-FI, it would be better to make use of it rather than a 3G or 4G connection because it provides a much stable connection. If you are always on the go, then making use of a 3G or 4G network accesses is more appropriate. You should note that you are charged by your 3G or 4G service provider for the amount of data you consume and the signals may drop if you are travelling away from a metropolitan area.

To get WI-FI connection enabled, navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Wi-Fi’ on your Apple device, or ‘Settings’ > ‘Wireless & networks’ > ‘Wi-Fi’ on your Android™ and turn on the connection.

Contacting mobile Support

Where may I send ideas or comments?

We truly value the time players put into supplying us with ideas and comments to enhance our products. Please send your comments with regards to the GoPoker.in app through our contact page and we’ll be very happy to review it and use it for improvement.



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