Open-face Chinese poker (OFC) evolved from closed-face which is the “regular” Chinese poker. It’s not essential to be familiar with the rules or strategies of the regular Chinese poker before you can enjoy Open-Face Chinese.

Just like other variations of poker games, OFC players take turns drawing cards from one deck, attempting to create the perfect hand, while their opponents do the same. Contrary to other poker games, yet, there are no any bets placed throughout the rounds of play. Rather, the players consent to play “per point”, and the game is scored in points, just as in card games such as hearts or gin rummy.

After all card-placement rounds are complete, each player would have arranged 13 cards into three hands; the “top”, the “middle”, and the “bottom”.

The top hand of each player is compared to the opponents’ top hand, the middle to the middle, as well as the bottom to the bottom. A player will win or lose points depending on how his or her hand measures up.

  • The three hands are compared with each other and scored just as in regular poker hands. The middle and the bottom are regular five-card hands. The top simply have three cards, but is scored exactly in the same manner, so the perfect hand on top will be three-of-a-kind, while the top most hands are high card hands.

OFC is played using no more than four players since each player need 13 cards in the deck. Mostly, the game is played with heads-up between only two opponents.


The primary goal of OFC would be to produce a “qualifying” hand. There’s a strict rule that the bottom hand should be at least as good as the middle hand, and also, that the middle hand must be as the top hand. This is not always possible since a player is arranging his cards one at a time. If a player has already played a pair of kings in middle, and has a straight draw on the bottom using cards that are all lower than a king, s/he has to complete the straight.

Otherwise, in the event you cannot make a qualifying hand, the whole hand is “foul.”

In OFC, just as in bowling, should your hand has fouled (failed to qualify), then you score a zero for the frame. Your top, center, and bottom are marked as zero, although there’s absolutely no fine and no penalty box. Provided that your opponent makes a qualifying hand, s/he will conquer your top, middle, and bottom.

First Round and Subsequent Rounds

Just like the Texas Holdem, Open-Face Chinese poker is played with a dealer button. The player on the left side of the button acts first on every street, the action moves in a clockwise direction, and the button moves after every hand.

At the beginning, players receive five cards in turn, and play each card top, middle, or bottom. The cards are arranged face-up on the table, from which the name “open-face” Chinese poker was derived. The moment a player arranges the cards and indicates that his/her turn is complete, the other players flips over all the five cards and begin their own arrangement.


The basic principles of scoring are simple, however, there are some detailed cases to take into consideration, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Just as in Candy Crush, you don’t have to know all the rules before you start playing. You can start playing the game right away and learn as you progress.

Open-Face Chinese is played based on point; hence, the scoring of the final hands. That is after all 13 cards are placed is done on a point basis. Each row which comprises of the top, middle, and bottom is equivalent to a point to the winner. For instance, if you have a pair of jacks in the middle and your opponent has king high, then you have won by one point in the middle.

Turbo table events are defined as a new generation of poker online that is played over the internet by online poker players.

A turbo table is one in which the blind level increase faster than standard display. The duration of each round (before the blinds / antes increase) in a turbo table tournament is always from about 5 minutes (instead of the standard 10 or 15); although there are some turbo table events with 6-minute rounds.

Turbo table event is meant for those poker players who prefer not to sit for more than 4-5 hours, and even more at the free-rolls or the regular poker tournaments. In this poker game online, the blinds are fast and furious and the action is always anxious.

The basic principle behind Turbo table poker is the fact that the blinds get lifted at a frequent pace compared to most other poker online these days. In the normal poker game, the blinds could get raised at an interval of between 10-15 minutes. But the blinds in Turbo table events are raised at a very fast pace (at about 3 minutes in some cases). This means that you have to be with your wits at all times, and you must also be keen to play your good hands.

A hyper-turbo table event which is a type of turbo table event is one in which the blind increase quickly – even faster than in a turbo tournament. The duration of each of the rounds (before the blinds / antes increase) in a hyper turbo table is usually 3 minutes and the number of starting chip is about 500 chips which are significantly lower than other poker online.

A 2x-turbo table event is a special kind of turbo table tournament in which the levels increase at turbo speed, just that the rebuy period can be twice as long as it would be in a standard turbo rebuy. Also, a 3x-turbo table event has three times the usual amount of rebuy time. The available chips e.g. starting stack, add-on and rebuy – are tailored to each event. Make sure you look out for the ‘Tournament Info’ button for the detailed structure info.

Turbo table events can be both Sit and Go, as well as Multi-Table also depending on the format of play. For example, if you are playing the Sit and Go version of Turbo Poker game online, there would be only one table of players, and as soon as the table is full, the game is started. On the other hand, in multi-tabular Turbo Poker game online, there are a lot of players and when the number of players also gets less, they are converted automatically to another table until a final table is left.

There is a benefit associated with Turbo table event, which is they are very fast and this is the main reasons for its growing popularity. Sometimes, it is very frustrating to sit for hours playing regular poker tournaments and free rolls. But there is no such thing in Turbo table event and they have the fast format of play, and thus, it’s also known as speed poker event.



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