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If you have not yet experienced the fun of step tournaments, you are definitely missing. Winning a steps tournament is like hitting the jackpot on a slot machine. The only profit from step tournaments is much, much bigger as it is considered as the real money poker game.

The concept of step tournaments, which is also known as the real money poker game is very simple. All you need is to progress through the steps (finishing in the top position throughout the steps) until you reach the top, where cash prizes are distributed. Most websites have 5 or 6 steps, and you can start from any step you want; even the last step if you want. It is important to note that the step tournaments only pay the last step, so even if you win three tournaments; step 2, step 3 and 4 you would receive no winning, unless you managed to “cash” in the last step of the real money poker game.

While it may not be ideal to win tournaments, and not winning any money, you’ll be pleased to know that the step tournament winner’s prizes can be as high as Rs 2,000 which is why it is the real money poker game. It’s not bad if you start from the first step; only costs a paltry Rs 3 to begin.

Step Tournament Strategy

The play is tight in the early levels. When it gets to the middle stages the blinds looks to be taken from both the large and small stack players. The larger stacks, as they have enough chips to sail to the next step, are seeking only to play monster hands. They do not have to win every chip on the table. When you reach the redo bubble (immediately the next player has been eliminated), start by picking the shorter stacks that appear to simply fold their way into a redo ticket.

Once the redo ticket is locked up, open your game and at the same time gamble it up. There is absolutely nothing to lose at this point if you do not go to the next level. Take your chances to push a wide range of hands so that you can win the real money poker game.


The most crucial strategy adjustments for the steps tournaments are in the final phase. When it is at a higher buy-in games step (Rs 20+) or later steps, there will often be many weak players who just came through the lower stages. There is always a situation where the weak players make many bad decisions when committing their stacks.

If there are three players in a game with similar stacks and only get two tickets for the next step, each player will be worth an average stack 2/3 of a ticket. However, if a player decides to go all-in, each caller will be risking 2/3 of one of the tickets for a maximum gain of 1/3. The risks outweigh the benefits, though. The conclusion is that you need a 67% favorite to call such a pot

The bounty tournament is the type of poker game in which you earn loyalty points, and a prize is awarded for knocking out a predetermined player or knocking out anyone of the predetermined players.

These loyalty points supplement, not replace prices that are based on the position where the player finished. In some instances, a player must knock out multiple players to earn the loyalty points. Both the number of players having the bounty on them and the method of selecting these players differ greatly.

In bounty tournaments, when someone eliminates a particular player, the person will earn a special cash prize. For instance, if there is a bounty on the head of ‘KidPoker’, whoever eliminated him earns some loyalty points which come with prizes ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the tournament! If you want to be successful when playing bounty tournaments, here are some tips that you should follow.

Tip # 1
– Isolate the short stack with a strong hand if you are lucky enough to be dealt a strong hand. When a player has only a few chips and probably all-in you, need to isolate that player, giving you the best possible chance to earn the loyalty points that are available. If it is in a normal tournament, players will usually check down when a player is all-in, but in the bounty tournaments, players often bet so that they can take control of the pot and isolate the other bounty players. This is a clever game because if you feel you have the strongest hand, you want to make your opponent pay an enormous amount to see additional cards.

Tip #2
– When Deciding How Much to Call Pre – flop you should include the short stacks bounty in the calculations, which means you should pay slightly more than normal to see the flop. If you manage to hit the flop, you will win the players bounty and likely earn some big loyalty points.

Tip #3
– Be Patient and Double up from the Short Stack – the one good thing about being short stacked in a bounty tournament is that you know you will likely get called when you move all-in. This means you should start pushing earlier, with around 15 big blinds and only push with premium hands that you will be leading pre-flop such as pocket aces, pocket kinds, big slick and more. Since players will be trying to win your bounty, they are more likely to call with subpar hands.

Tip #4
– Don’t Get Carried Away with the Bounties at all – Even though bounties are a great way to win money in this type of tournament, you shouldn’t get carried away and take your eye off the major target of running deep in the tournament. Never go out of your way just to have a shot at winning the bounty. You can adjust your account a little for the bounty money, but if you just keep your eye on the prize, the bounties will likely come to you.

A ring game is a non-tournament game online. This is the typical form of poker game where players buy-in and cash-out when they want. The chips that are used in the table represent money. So if a player buys Rs 10 worth of chips, and cashes out Rs 50 in chips, he or she makes a profit of Rs 40. This is unlike a tournament game online that rewards players based on their final position in the tournament. For instance, if 5 people buy for Rs 5, there will be Rs 50 in the prize pool. Players would receive a fixed amount of chips. These chips cannot be redeemed for cash; they are only used to play in the tournament. The game would continue until one person has all the chips.

With ring games, playing is simple. The most difficult part is being good enough to start making money. To help, we’ve assembled some few golden rules that will help you take your game to the next level.

1. Start very slow

In other tournament game online, you can lose your entire stack in a single hand, so you are to stick with the one you can handle. A good trick is to split the amount of money you are willing to spend on poker to 20; this will help you figure out the amount you can risk per game. Then share it with 50 and the maximum buy-in to look. For instance, if you have Rs 500 in your bankroll (amount of money you are willing to spend on poker), that’s Rs 25 per game, so Rs 0.25 / Rs 0.50 is the level for you. Do not buy into something less than 50 times the big blind, or you will be playing with a short stack defensively.

2. Only bet if you have good odds

In ring games unlike other game online, large pots tend to mean big hands. Anything in between you and a more experienced player can get you to the cleaners. So you must be very careful with hands like A-K (which seems good until you make a pair and another player hits a set). So ensure you think twice about betting with low full houses, straights and flushes, which someone could beat easily. If you want to bluff then, endeavor to choose your opponent carefully and ensure you play as if you have a side that you represent.

3. Take control

In ring games unlike other game online, your primary job is to put pressure on the other players. This includes stealing blinds when you can, and making people want to call you when they know that you have a winning hand. The best way to do this is by developing the habit of raising pre-flop and betting again on the flop (the introduction of a total of about half the pot). In the beginning, this seems a bit counterintuitive, but to be very realistic, most hands always miss the flop and as such, the player with the highest momentum wins the day.

The only exception to this is when you’re playing deep stacks; you might feel like minimizing it (to get more money into the pot) before your move.

There is a particular amount which is an initial deposit that must be deposited before the cards are distributed in a Texas holdem poker. This initial amount is what is referred to as ante. Otherwise, any player could just wait for pocket Aces before making an investment decision, especially in the pot limit games.

It is a particular amount that must be put in the pot by each player in the game before the cards are dealt. This amount does not count towards your bet on the first round of betting. It is a very simple method that is always used in the Texas holdem poker. It is not only in the Texas Holdem poker that the method is very popular with, but it is also more commonly found in games like five-card stud or draw. Antes are used in conjunction with blinds in the later stages of a poker tournament.

When the Texas holdem poker is about to be played, based on the limits, the player that is at the left of the dealer button and the player 2 to the left of the button will be mandated to set an initial bet before the cards are dealt. These will count toward your total investment in the direction of the first round of betting. So if the pot is not raised before the flop, the small amount will be only half of what is needed to put a bet to call. The player at the left of the dealer button will not be required to put any amount into the pot, although the player 2 at the end of the button will have the opportunity to raise his own bet.

Antes in Tournaments

The way the Texas holdem poker tournaments are structured, the antes will go up after a certain period, (termed escalation). Usually, when players go up a level, doubling the antes or less, if antes are introduced, they are not usually twice each level. Any period of the time the antes stay the same; a level has just been attained. Sometimes to start a tournament, the big and small antes need to be of the same amount and at the next level of the large double rooms. For example, using a common structure in the World Series of Poker, antes always escalate at every two hours.

If you are running a Texas holdem poker game, you should ensure the players know the amount of the initial deposit that must be deposited and also know when the antes will be escalated. In smaller games, you must ensure that someone is there with an egg timer or a mobile phone. If you cannot do that, you can get a good type of dealer button with a built-in timer from the Amazon, which will be nice. For larger tournaments, it’s best to have a projector display all sorts of information on a wall for the players. There are many of such programs, and you can search all around and get a good deal.

Someone playing the shallow tables has a natural defense against predator. Normally, when we play against someone who has a full stack and a fairly tight range predictable as does a shallow stacker, we speculate the call of their raises with things such as connectors and small pairs in the hope that we can make a big flop. The implied odds are, if we nail the flop, we may well be able to take a healthy pot of our opponent that cannot get a high-end pair.

In shallow table, though, the implied odds are not just there. Even if we stack a man, the distance is relatively not important. It’s just not to call pre-flop without a premium holding. And this helps the shallow stacker, as opponents who might otherwise have won to stay out of the way. I actually ran into this problem on one of the nights. I played in a Rs 20 No-Limit table and played a man with only a Rs 3 stack shoved from late position. I had 5-5 and considered calling, but decided to fold because the said amount of money is worth fishing for what I believed which were two outs. As it turned out, another guy called with about Rs 6, and the two players turned over pocket pairs bigger than mine. Of course, I would have flopped a set and won the part. So, in this case, the lack of meat on the bones of the shallow stacker has protected him from getting felted by the undersigned.

As I said before, those who remain loyal to the stand up shallow table strategy and leave the table once their stack grows to a certain point, usually make profit of 50-100 percent of what they started. This frustrates other players to no end for obvious reasons. First, the shallow stacker must not allow his opponents a chance to win their money back in the first place. Secondly, by never making it possible for your opponent to get too large stack. Someone playing the shallow table can stick to his already defined strategy; he does not need to venture into a territory that is uncomfortable, and which would put him at a disadvantage.

At the same time, while anyone playing shallow table is relatively predictable in their all-in or fold strategy, they can completely mess with the table dynamism. For example, if we have a stacker on our left, and we have to raise a hand value, we can go back into our standard three to four times the big blind raise in anticipation for those chips should the stacker push after us. But if we bet less, we are simply asking the deep stacks to go to the flop for cheap, putting us at risk of a greater loss later in the hand. To solve this, we can try to sit to the left of the short stack and the right of the big stack, but then, the big stack takes place on us.

Deep Stack table poker is a type of poker game where the effective stacks are 150 big blinds or more. In deep stack table poker, there is less room for interesting play pre-flop and on the flop, turn and river. This is because it conforms to mathematical models more than other types of online card games.

Due to the fact that the stacks are deeper, there is more room for a different style of play. This applies to both pre-flop game and post-flop playing. Playing deep stacks poker with just 100 big blinds will not be profitable. Also, knowledge of deep stacked table poker is a necessity for playing in the live cash online card games where the stacks consist of 300 big blinds or more.

Your game depends on several factors, including your hole cards, your opponents; hand history and what you have at hand at a time to get to the flop. A look at the stacks – yours and your that of your opponent is equally important.

You know you have to play differently against short stacks than against full stacks. The same is true for mid-stacks, as well. You do not need a lot of implied odds, which means you cannot play draws profitably or call for any set of value. You can also easily become broke with top pair-top kicker because you have less reverse implied odds. Of course, things can always be the other way round. You are in a completely different game when you and your opponent both have very large stacks.

Playing fold on the turn is no longer an option. A small stack will probably go all-in after a bet of the curve, and you’d commit the pot against a mid-stack.

Deep stacked table poker gives us the opportunity to play a wider range of hands pref-lop unlike other online card games. We must open our increasing product range, our calling range and our 3bet range when in position. Instead of playing a tight aggressive style, we can play a loose aggressive style as the larger pref-lop. Deep stacks allow us to make some little mistakes pref-lop that ensure we profit later in the hand. These errors were unprofitable in shallow stacked environments – in such tournaments where the average stack is usually less than 50 big blinds, or other conventional online card games where the usual stack is just 100 big blinds.

Playing this looser style in another online card game is now much less of a problem because there is a lot of money that can be used to do other things. Hand values also change in deep stacked table poker. The value of the hands like a suited gapper, suited connectors, as well as small pocket pairs jerks up. These hands, known as drawing hands are worth a lot more if they can make very strong hands like straights, sets (three of a kind), and hot flashes. A direct comparison is the value of hands as queen-jack off suit or ace-jack off suit decline in value.

Speed Poker is the type of poker that is often referred to as a fast-paced game. They are usually played under Texas Hold’em and Omaha speed cash tables. Speed Poker will keep you in the action at all times. Playing speed Poker with its large pools of player and its immediate folding option will make you experience the kind of exciting speed that the speed poker gives, without needing to wait for your opponents to act. If you really want to win in this game, you must follow some tips and tricks. These tricks will allow you to beat your opponents easily and will also make you not to lose your hard earned money. Below are some tricks that you have to apply.

In speed poker, you can decide to fold bad cards and immediately be transported to a new table to face a set of new opponents. Not even taking the time to think about playing bad cards. Fold with speed until you have something to play.

As most of your opponents in the game are playing tight, make sure you also fold your own best cards, if you don’t do that your opponent will presume you to have an unbeatable hand. But if you do these, the average value of your card will rise significantly. You may see this as a bluff, but it is not, you just have to adapt to the pace nature of the game. You will also need to decide quickly on how to play as you progress in the game.

You must ensure that you bet from the big blind position. Anytime a player on the button is trying to steal the blinds, you can assume that he has a low value of the hand. You will discover that if you raise yours.

Whenever the Speed Poker table is full, and you are not sure about your hand, select the Speed Fold. When some of the seats at the tables are empty, you might want to change your strategy. Always ensure that you do not get yourself involved with marginal hands.

While it is impossible to take notes of your opponents due to the fast pace of the game, whenever you encounter a seemingly aggressive player, endeavor to exercise patience, thereby pulling him into your monster hand. If you win, you will definitely win big.

Your opponents will make mistakes, and those mistakes will be made at a faster pace than in a regular poker. Play your cards carefully, and with patience. Wild movements result in a different and unwanted result.

As with any form of poker, you just need to join the cash tables that are suitable to your bankroll. The main difference is the speed of the game. If you’re on a losing streak, your chips (and your bankroll) can be exhausted in no time at all. It is best to try Speed Poker at the lowest stakes and move only when you are comfortable with the pace of the game.

Deepstack tournament is an example of poker tournament that features starting stacks of at least 3,000 chips, while Super Stack tournaments feature the starting stacks of 5,000 chips or more.

Deep stack and super stack tournaments are another popular variation of Texas Hold’em Poker. The main difference between the two of them is the number of chips to start if someone wants to play. In a Super Stack tournament, unlike the deep stack tournament, players receive up to five times the amount of other regular multi-table poker tournament.

These standards that super Stack tournaments have make them completely different and a lot more exciting. Here, you will find no re-buys or add-ons, but make sure that you are prepared for a long night. These two tournaments generally are a lot longer, unless of course, you are surrounded by aggressive players – then it might end a little early.

Deep stack and Super Stack tournaments are always very popular with poker players because it affords each player more playing time. Normally, only tournaments start each player with about 2000 chips. This will mean that the games will be very short because there are less flexibility bets. A super stack tournament starts with a maximum 10 000 chips – much more than in a regular tournament. These dynamics changes considerably.

Instead of players been limited to maybe 3-4 hands, deep stack and Super Stack tournament offers the ability to play many more hands you get. The tactics may also vary significantly as the amount of chips you hold gives you the freedom of choosing the way you want to play. Because it is a long game, patience play a much larger role. Being more involved in the game, and sitting for a longer time gives you a much greater sense of involvement.

Winning a deep stack and Super Stack tournament could be very rewarding because the winner will win more money easily to his pocket, and they also have the table from a much easier angle. Players who are careful can also stay in games a lot longer – for 10 000 chip table, you can only play 10 chip blind. This means you can choose the hands you want to play.

The players participating in deep stack and Super Stack tournament do feel that they cannot be turned off early in the game. They have to keep the faith and know how to be in the action as long as possible. The blinds will start you low averaging around 10/20 chips. These low blinds are never to be afraid of since it attracts varieties of players.

However, keep it at the back of your mind that some players may have a stack of 8,000 chips and they know very well that they can easily cope with blinds that reach about 200/350.

In general, we say that the Super Stack tournament fits well with a tight player. However, this does not mean you will not meet aggressive players around the tables that are ready for you. The tournament ends with the player with the most chips.

Cap games refer to limiting the amount of bets that can be made in a particular round in Texas Hold’em poker. In fact, cap games could be applied in any game of poker, but it is frequently asked about from the Texas hold’em players.

Cap games are good for players that mostly play in the tournament poker to start in ring games. There are no antes and there is never an increment of the blinds, just that the stacks are similar to those commonly found in the mid-stages of a poker tournament like the rebuy. This will mean that the strategies and decisions will be familiar to some special tournaments, giving them the chance to get their feet wet in ring game poker. It will also allow them not to lose their money easily because they would have gathered lots of experience.

Cap betting which is part of cap games refer to the amount of bets per round. It isn’t the amount of money in a pot that you would find in a limit poker game.

Cap betting only strictly practiced in the limit poker games because it would make no sense in practicing it in no limit games.

Usually, bets and raises per round are limited to four times the current bet. So if you’re in a Rs 4 / Rs 8 hold’em table before the flop, then the last amount you’ll be able to put in the pot is Rs 16; not good for the blind money there. The fourth and Fifth streets, you will able to bet Rs 32. Of course, you won’t be the only person in the pot, and more of your bigger opponents are going to be in the pot.

Cap games do not just limit your losses; they also limit the number of decision you’ll have to make a hand. When two players are contesting a pot, they usually end up getting all-in pre-flop or on the flop. You will often hear this phrase at the table, especially in the lower limits, “cap it” as a result of raising and re-raising the flop with marginal hands. Not only that, it can also raise the flop with marginal players. The reason the casinos have the game is not to protect the weaker players from losing all their money in a pot; it is exactly the opposite.

It can also rely on tournament players because they are the same with tournaments that are not with the time commitment. If you’re a tournament player who likes to play at multiple tables, you will often run into a dilemma on completion of a session, but still alive in only one or two of the tournament that you’re in. You’d like to play more tables but will not start a new tournament. Cap games offer tournament-style action with the flexibility of the ring games. Decisions made within the games are similar to the ones made in other tournaments; the little difference is just that you’ll have the flexibility to make your tournament stop off at any time.

A Sit & Go tournament can be defined as an online poker tournament that has no scheduled starting time. It is often made up of a single table. The tournament usually begins when enough players have joined the tournament. It’s easy to get started. All you need to do is to get your place at a table and as soon as enough players (usually five or more), has arrived the game can kick start.

Stages of a Sit and Go tournament

All tournaments have a beginning; middle and an end. However, in a Sit & Go tournament, the middle of the game is shorter than in a big tournament – so even if you’re off with a bad start, you still have a good chance to scrape into the second or third place.

In the early stages, endeavor to fold most hands and wait for a while till a few players have been eliminated before getting involved.

In a Sit & Go tournament, it is important to have a good portion of your starting chips with you. Particularly in the mid-stage, when it is four or five players that are remaining and the blinds are high enough to worth been stolen.

Now that you’ve arrived in the middle stages with some stack for the remaining four or five players, there are certain things you should do. What you should do first in this situation is to look around and see what is in front of other players. With different sizes of stacks, as long as there is short stack between the bubble and you, you should try as much as possible to avoid places that can harm you (unless there is a good hand that comes along). However, if the stacks are matched evenly, you have to look for ways to maintain or advance your chips without risking a catastrophe.

You should not risk a lot more chips with a marginal hand if another player decides to show commitment. But remember that this is a chance to win the game there and then effectively by getting a mile in the front. Even if you lose all inclusive in a Sit & Go tournament, you probably paid for it with all the small pots that you have stolen. What’s more, the other players will know that you are trying to shoot them and will not easily pass the next time.

The smallest change in pay for the sit & go tournament is the position of the third to the second. So it’s worth getting the bigger stacks at the first decent chance in the hope that you are still in contention for the first position.

If you have less than 8 big blinds and find a decent hand that is excellent, you might as well go all-inclusive (except it’s a real monster ), that’s if you have nothing to lose. Similarly, if you have the big stack with any of type of a hand, you might as well force to commit the short stack. Because of this situation and due to the speed of a sit and go tournament, you will probably make the money.

A multi-table tournament is the type of tournament that at a particular fee and buy-in, you get a fixed number of chips; so you do not need to have huge bankroll in order to participate in it. But with many players competing, the prize may be impressive, giving a lot of people the chance to win prizes and money.

As the name implies, you’ll start with one of the many tables, moving round and looking for spaces to open until you get to the final table. Then it’s up to you – you play to the finish or cut a deal for a guaranteed win. Whichever way, the prices range from cash to opportunities to play big live games in Europe or Vegas.

Let’s start by breaking the multi-table tournament into three parts: Early, Middle and Final tables. An early tournament would obviously be the very beginning of the multi-table tournament, and is characterized by lots and lots of fish and suckers. The middle period, after almost all of the fish has busted, except for a lucky few, and the remaining players are fair to good poker players. The final tables then would be represented by excellent players, and just maybe, a fool who is on a hot streak, or an honest player who is enjoying and having his good day.

As you can see, this is not an exact science. You really cannot have a number on when you move from early to middle and even final tables. This depends on the type and nature of the tournament. In a tournament filled with great players, you can play very early in the middle. In a loose tournament, the final table may not come until the last 15-20 players.

We will begin by looking at the most important factor of how the prize pool is divided in a multi-table tournament – and the great influence it has, to have on how you strategize to maximize your poker profits over time. Next, we go through the early, mid-stage and the later stages of a poker tournament showing what factors affect your strategy at any point.

For those players who are looking to maximize their long-term profits, this will have a great effect on tournament strategy. Aggressive play is always rewarded passionately at all stages of the tournament – with a shot at reaching the final. Aggressive play during the later stages can enable you to sneak into the money positions – but this will not be for a few final tables in adding up the profits at the end of each month or year.

The multi-table tournament awards ceremony is very ‘top-heavy’. The players who get to the final table will share almost half of the total price between them. And those who made it to the first paying spots only will often win less than twice their initial buy-in. Even at the final table, will be the top three paying places to give a disproportionately larger payout than the other places.

Rebuy tournament is the type of tournament that offers players the opportunity to keep playing; even if you have lost all the chips in your original stack. This opportunity that a rebuy tournament presents can lead to some truly exciting play as well as some pool of large prize. Here is some information that will guide you if you want to play the rebuy tournament.

There is a particular window that all the types of rebuy tournament have, that period is called the “rebuy period.” This period lasts till the sixth round of blind level increment or the tournament gets the money, whichever comes first. Once that time has elapsed, you may no longer rebuy, and the tournament will continue to play like any other online poker tournament.

Putting in for a rebuy tournament is similar to other online poker tournament. The same number of chips you would normally use in any other poker tournament is the one that you will start with.The first buy-ins for rebuy tournaments is not different from the ones in other tournaments.


You may rebuy at any time when playing the rebuy tournament game, provided your chip stack is at or below the threshold tournament. During the rebuy period, the number of available rebuys may be fixed or unlimited; however, these depend on the structure of the tournament. The number of available rebuys may also depend on the tournament rules; the number of chips that you will get for your rebuy will also vary. You will not be charged to rebuy.

After the rebuy period has ended, you have the option to add on to your chip stack. Even if your chip count at the time the add-on period begins you can buy an add-on. The number of chips that will be given to you for an add-on depends on the structure of the tournament; players will not have additional opportunities to purchase additional chips once this add-on period has ended.

There is an Auto Rebuy feature that will automatically buy back into the tournament when your chip stack goes down to zero during the rebuy period. This auto rebuy feature may be selected or deselected at any time during the rebuy period. Auto rebuys are allowed if you do not have enough money in your account player to cover the cost of a rebuy.

In other poker tournaments, you may have the option of an auto max rebuy, which will allow you to execute the maximum number of rebuys that remains to be purchased, provided you have sufficient funds in your account that you’re using to play.

A special automatic Add-On feature is also available. You can use this option to purchase your add-on automatically during the add-on period, provided you have sufficient balance in your rebuy tournament player account.



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