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Welcome to To ensure that you get the best online poker experience possible, we have developed various unique features for your pleasure. We encourage you to keep this page open alongside the game software so as to familiarize yourself with

Take our short and interactive tour for a guide to get the best out of our software.

As soon as you’re ready to get started, follow the simple steps below to open your new account. After that, go to our New to the Game tables to experience our various poker games in a helpful and fun environment.

To get started, download the current version of the software from our site, and we’ll take you through a step-by-step guide to installing it on your PC. Our gaming software is available for Personal Computer, Macintosh, and mobile devices. This makes it easier for you to join the action and excitement, and start playing poker online in a few minutes.

Once downloaded, you don’t need to worry about updating because at, our software is live and always updates itself automatically whenever we release a new version of the famous online poker room. All you have to do is to run it, and if there is any update, it will automatically get updated. After installing the software, proceed to create a free account and validate your email address; and you’re good to go.


Congratulations! Now that you have installed the software, just launch it and you will be directed to the login screen. If you don’t have an account with us before, click on the button that reads ‘Create new account’ you will be welcomed with our guide to direct you on how to swiftly sign-up and create a new account. You don’t need to be a techy to do this; we will guide you through the signup process.

At, we assure you of security in carrying out transactions with your account. offers various means of safeguarding, securing and making your deposits easy for you.

Anytime you want to make a deposit, simply select the cashier button in the lobby which is gold in colour, and then click on make a deposit.

On clicking on this button, you will be presented with all the payments options and many other details which you can see on our payment processing page. If you have any questions relating to payments, please check out our FAQ page or shoot us a message through our contact page.

Now you’ve logged into, what’s next? You’ll be taken to the lobby, and here you get access to all the various games we offer. The software has three separate lobby views, which you can change at any given time you want by navigating to the top navigation menu, selecting Options and then Lobby View.

At, we offer five distinct types of poker games which are:

  1. Ring Games –
    at this table, players have the choice to opt-in and opt-out anytime they want. To get started with this game, click on play now and then select your buy-in amount and get prepared to play.

  2. Sit & Gos –
    this tournament stays on hold and won’t begin until the full number of players required have registered. To get started with Sit & Gos, browse through till you see the event you wish to play, and then select. After that, open the tournament lobby and click Register Now to enter.

  3. Tournaments –
    These are multi-table tournaments that start at a scheduled time. To partake in this game, simply select the event you feel like playing, open the tournament lobby, and then enter by clicking on Register Now.

  4. Rush poker –
    this is the fastest poker game in the world. In rush poker, every new hand players are moved to a new table. Partaking in this game is simple. All you have to do if you want to play is to select the game you wish to play and click the Join Now button to enter.

  5. Jackpot sit & Go tournaments –
    this game doesn’t start until at least three players are registered and it has a prize of up to 2,000 times the buy-in!

At we provide new players a chance to grab a better understanding of the various game types and also develop their skills of playing poker. Unlike the standard tables, play progresses at a slower pace, and with useful tips that provide information on key aspects of the game are available, as well as different at the table. Furthermore, you will always see your current hand strength displayed, making it easy for you to know how your hand is developing. At, we provide you the best learning experience as a new player on our New to the Game tables, and you’ll soon find yourself playing other game variants that are available when you master any one of our game variants.

New to the Game ring game tables is where the smallest stake level is offered. It is possible to have a maximum of two ‘New to the Game’ ring tables sited at the same time. New to the Game Sit & Go tournaments include the smallest buy-in amounts offered. You can partake in a maximum of two ‘New to the Game’ tournament tables at the same time.

The total amount of hands you have played determines your eligibility to play at New to the Game ring game tables. In the same way, the numbers of tournaments you’ve played determine your eligibility to register for new to the game tournaments (Scheduled and Sit and Go). Do you know what it takes to pass the stage of new to the game? Well, it takes a ring game of 75 Scheduled or Sit and Go Tournaments of a particular variant, and also, at least 2,000 hands in a Ring Game to qualify you and make you pass the New to the Game stage.

You still have the chance to play at the New to the Games tables in other variants such as Omaha, even if you are no longer new to a particular variant such as Hold’em.

You can still go on playing at New to the Game ring tables after you’ve exceeded your limits for the amount of scheduled or Sit & Go tournaments played or vice versa. For instance, you are unlikely to be eligible to sit at New to the Game Pot Limit Omaha ring game tables, but still have the choice to register for New to the Game Pot Limit Omaha tournaments.

Players that have already registered with us are free to gain access to the New to the Game tables, and each player’s eligibility depends on the games they have played following the launch of New to the Game.

You might be a genius in our most played games like No Limit Hold’em, but at other poker variants available at, you’ll still be considered ‘New to the Game.’

Now that you have joined the game, the next thing for you to do is to take your seat at one of our tables and enjoy your time playing some poker.

You will be dealt your card at the beginning of each hand. When your turn is right to take an action, you will see blue buttons that will appear at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen with all the betting choices which you can choose from.

Feel free to make changes to the table settings at any time by clicking on Options which is located at the top right position of the table. You also have the options to configure the appearance of the card anytime you like, modify the table layout, your avatar, the animations and sounds and lots more.



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