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When you sit down to play at GoPoker.in, you’ll be using the most innovative and powerful online poker software available in the country . Use the GoPoker.in game software to customize your playing atmosphere, and get to the tables easily and fast .

The NEW GoPoker offers:

  • Lobby Widgets: with the sole aim of personalizing your game lobby and display treasured information about your preferred games and account.

  • Three Unique Lobby Views: this helps to find the games you want.

  • Tournament Deals: so you can regulate the final payouts the next time you are at the final table of a Sit & Go or a Multi-Table Tournament.

  • Advanced Filters and Favorites: this will help you to display only the games that you intend to play

  • The FTP Hand Replayer: this will let you replay and review every hand that you have played at every table during your ongoing session

Download the GoPoker.in software and App and start playing on the best online poker platform in India today.

There’s usually a lot of action when players gather at the poker table, so it will be a magnificent idea to acquaint yourself with the atmospheres before you think of starting to play. This page introduces you to all the great and exceptional features that are available when you have made up your mind to play at the GoPoker.in table. Scroll down to read and know more about all of our table features.

  • Time Banks

Sometimes, the decisions we made are harder than others. Some decisions like making big calls and big lay-downs consume lots of time, even for the so-called world’s best players – and in the game of poker, time waits for no one.

Our Time Banks give you the opportunity to have extra time whenever the need arises, so that you can give your strongest decisions the time they really deserve.

Using the time Banks

This is really simple – when the colored bar in your pot starts counting down, giving signs that you are running out of time, just use the cursor to click on the “Time” button. The button is displayed directly above the betting slider which is located at the lower right of the table window.

Once you click the “Time” button, the countdown of the colored bar will continue. When the bar disappears, you will start using the time from your time bank, and immediately, the entire time you have left to make a decision will be shown.

When you make a voluntary contribution to the pot, your time bank will activate automatically. You’ll also know when your opponents start using the time out of their time banks. A black box will show up in the time bank spot, displaying the time they have left to act.

Can I Make a Deposit when it’s in a Time Bank?

No, you can’t buy time or manually add it, but the quantity of time in your time bank escalates with every hand you play. Also, after every tournament break it increases, and you can also get an extra amount by the time you get to the final table of a tournament.

You can disconnect the Time Bank

We know that all Internet connections are not equal. That’s why we decided to add a Disconnect Time Bank that offers extra protection against any connections that drops.

Our server will automatically inform the other players that you’re playing with through the table chat window when it detects that you have been disconnected. Then, when your allotted decision time is reached, your Disconnect Time Bank will be shown to other players and counting down will begin. Out of the total disconnect time per 24-hour period; your time allowed is just 90 seconds.

  • Resizable Tables

Do you wish to make your GoPoker.in table smaller so that on a single monitor you can play more games? Or, perhaps, would you prefer your game to cover your entire screen so that you won’t miss a single second of the poker actions? Yes! You can do both, thanks to our innovative resizable tables.

Making an adjustment to the size of your GoPoker.in tables couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is to grab any corner of your table to resize them, based on your needs, either smaller or bigger.

  • Title Bar

The title bar displays the game being played, the name of the table, the table limit as well as your player name. When you open the app, and you did not see “Logged In As” followed your username or player name, it means you cannot play, but you can only observe the game.

  • Sitting Down at a Table

Now if you want to play a ring game, what you will do is click on any empty seat to sit down, after which you will click the Play Now button so that you will be dealt into the next hand. Your blinds and/or antes will be posted for you automatically. If you do not click the Play Now button, it’s until it’s your turn to post the big blind that you will be dealt into a hand.

By default, your table will be rotated such that you appear at the bottom center of the screen when you sit at a table. If you would love to rotate the table in order for you to appear in another position, right-click on an empty seats or one of the other players and chose the option “Put Me Here”.

  • “Get Chips, “Last Hand”, and “Stand Up.”

“Get Chips” – just click this button if you want to add to your chips or you want to replenish your chips. This button will not be active except you are already seated at a table.

“Last Hand” – It is this button that displays the Last Hand History window, which displays the last hand played in the game.

“Stand Up” – If you want to stand up from the table just click this button. Note that you will not be able to stand up if you are involved in hand. It is also not active except you are already seated at a table and getting ready to play.

  • Options”, “Stats” and “Lobby”,

“Options” – bring up the Options dialog box by clicking this button. This dialog gives you varieties of options on how the table will be displayed. These include the avatar displayed, style of the card deck and chat options – you can as well adjust your game play settings coupled with the general preferences. Other things that you can also do include, muting your chat, changing the color of your cards, e.t.c.

“Stats”- This button provides statistics about your play through a hand Statistics window that will be displayed. These statistics are calculated from the time that you begin your current game session across all instances.

“Lobby”- bring the lobby to the front of your display by clicking this button. If you are already seated at a tournament table, clicking on this button will bring up the tournament lobby immediately.

  • “Fold To Any Bet, “Sit Out Next Hand”, and “Sit Out Next BB”

It is when you are seated at a table that these options become available.

“Fold to Any Bet” – When you are involved in a hand, this is the only option that becomes available. Just click the checkbox if you have it in mind not to call any bets when the action gets to your turn.

“Sit out Next Hand” – if you wish to sit out of the next hand then click this checkbox. When this option is selected, a “Deal Me In” button shows up in the lower right angle of the table window.

Sit out Next BB” –if you want to sit out when the next big blind reaches you then just select this option. You will sit out, and after that, the table will close automatically at that point. You can access this option by clicking or selecting the triangle icon that is alongside the checkbox “Sit Out Next BB”.

  • Playing Hands

There is an appropriate blue button that will appear in the lower right corner of the game window when it gets to your turn to act in a hand. For instance, if you are the first person to bet, you will be offered numerous choices like folding, raising or betting the minimum. In addition to that, the buttons will also inform you of the appropriate amount needed to stake a bet.

A slider will also spring up and allows you to choose from a limited range of bets, In Pot-Limit and No-Limit games. Anytime you decide to raise by any amount that is not indicated on the betting buttons, then use this slider to specify any amount that you want.

You can also choose to type in a particular bet amount, just make sure that the bet amount meets the minimum amount stipulated – e.g., a raise must be more than twice the initial bet.

  • Chat Box

The chat box shows comments from observers, players and the dealer, side by side with messages from GoPoker.in. You have the freedom to choose type of comments that you desire by clicking on the “Options” button located within the table window. There, you can specify the level of dealer commentary that you prefer and you can also specify whether it is a player chat or observer chat that you want to see.

Also, within the chat box, GoPoker.in pros chat appears in red, observer chat appears in green, and player chat appears in blue. Comments from dealer appear in black while messages from GoPoker.in appear in Brown.

Docking the Chat Box

If you desire, you can choose to open the chat box as a separate window or keep it docked within the table window. If it is docked, it will show up in the lower left corner of the table window always.

Locking the Text

If so many people are chatting at the same time, the text in the chat box may be too faster for you to read or comprehend. When the chat box is opened in a separate window, you can prevent the text from scrolling by clicking the Scroll Lock checkbox. If you want the chat to flow normally again, what you will have to do is to unclick the checkbox.

  • Player Interaction

You can choose to ignore a particular player’s chat or assign a note to pinpoint that particular player in the future by right-clicking on a player at your table. Select “Muted” from the selection box that will pop-up if you want to ignore the player’s chat.

Select “Player Notes” If you want to add a note to a player. In the Player Notes window, you can choose a color to associate with a particular player or type comments about that player. The color associated with that player will appear on the corner of the player’s pod. Resize the comment box if you desire more typing room.

When you hover the mouse cursor over a player, you will see the notes that you have saved for a player,

  • Racetrack View

GoPoker.in now gives you the opportunity to view your game in two perspectives. They let you select between classic table and racetrack table views. Instead of our traditional three-quarter view, the racetrack option offers a direct overhead view of the poker table.

When you open a table for the first time, you will have the option to choose between the classic or racetrack view. Apart from these, you can choose to see player avatars if you wish to.

After making your initial selection, if you want to change it, you can do that by clicking on “Options,” either from the main lobby or within a table window. Note that it is every table that you sit at while you’re playing at GoPoker.in that your selection will be applied to.

Racetrack perspective gives an unrivaled option to turn avatars on and off, same with our classic view. It also offers the opportunity to choose from a variation of new table backgrounds, Which includes but not limited to rich carpets, stainless steel, wooden floors, and marble tiles. You can easily change the background of your table by right-clicking on the table and choosing from the numerous backgrounds.

  • Changing the Table Background

GoPoker.in gives you the opportunity of picking from several diverse backgrounds for your table. Right-click anywhere on the background or the table, if you desire to change the background of the table and then click on your desired background in the dialog that will pop-up.

Leaving a Table

If you are still seated and you want to leave a game, just close the table window. You will always be asked to confirm if you want to leave in order to ensure that you don’t just leave a table by mistake. If you close your table window when you are playing in a tournament, automatically, your blinds will be posted as well as your hands folded to any bet.

GoPoker.in is a special kind of Internet poker. GoPoker.in features world-class poker software and package. Some of the special features which extricate GoPoker.in from other poker rooms on the Internet are highlighted below. These are just a few among the offers available which make our card room the best in India.

Special Features Sections

  1. Languages

  2. Table Themes

  3. Hand Replayer and Instant Hand History

  4. Easy Seat for Ring Games

  5. Auto-Buy-In for Ring Games

  6. Time Tournaments

  7. Views for Ring Game Lobbies

  8. Graphical Preview for Ring Games

  9. Home Games

  10. Zoom tournament

  11. Hotkeys

  12. BOOM! Hand Replayer


Use the ‘Language’ menu and choose any of the varieties of languages to play and receive emails.

Table Themes

Choose from our numerous themes and color schemes to customize your table the way you want.
Visit the GoPoker.in theme page for more information. You can also decide to select a different felt color and background for each table with full table customization on GoPoker.in.

Hand Replayer and Instant Hand History

The ‘Hand Replayer’ allows you to instantaneously watch past hands when you click on the replay icon besides the hand ID number at any GoPoker.in game table. Your hand histories from the current session can also be displayed in a text-like form in the ‘Instant Hand History’ dialog; you can open this by clicking the hand ID number on the table.

Easy Seat for Ring Games

Easy Seat usually transforms the experience of beginning a multi-table poker session. Once your Easy Seat preferences are set up, it will enable you to launch your sessions with just one click from the main lobby.

Once Easy Seat is started, it will systematically look for free seats at tables that equal your benchmarks. If the free seats aren’t enough; Easy Seat will add you to the appropriate waiting lists. It can also help maintain the number of tables that you desire.

Auto-Buy-In for Ring Games

This allows you to instantaneously buy in after left-clicking Seat Open without taking any intermediate steps. Set up your buy-in preferences at once, and you will automatically buy-in the next time you sit at a table. You can set up Auto Buy-In by selecting ‘Options’ > ‘Auto-Buy-In ‘ or by clicking the link that is located in the customary buy-in dialog.

Time Tournaments

These are perfect when you decide to play a tournament but the amount of time you have is limited. Time tournaments always end after a pre-defined period. Whenever the time limit is reached, the players that are surviving are paid out based on partially or wholly chip counts.

Views for Ring Game Lobbies

GoPoker.in offers three dissimilar ‘Views’ for ring game lobbies. There is a control above the list of games that allows you to change how tables are shown. You can choose from: ‘Combo View’, ‘List View’, and lastly ‘Groups View’.

Graphical Preview for Ring Games

GoPoker.in lobby permits you to preview the designated table in a graphical manner. With this, sitting out players can be seen, you will also see the location of the dealer button, and finally you can choose a specific seat.

Home Games

With home Games you can find out who the best poker is among your family and friends by setting up your own private poker club. This is free to use and its availability is for for both play money and real money. With Home Games, you create your own tournament schedules, and challenge those that are very close to you on customizable leader boards.

Zoom Tournaments

These are tournaments that are played in a ‘Zoom’ style, i.e. once you fold you will be transferred to another table with another set of players from the same tournament, Players that has finished their hands. When the tournament gets closer to the final table, it will automatically switch to a regular playing style until the tournament ends.


With Hotkeys, you can make multi-tabling an easier experience; you can also create your own shortcuts. You can configure either the mouse or keyboard and make some decisions such as fold, check and raise, by going to the drop-down ‘Options’ menu in the GoPoker.in lobby and select the ‘Hotkey Settings’.

BOOM! Hand Replayer

Share your most memorable hands and biggest wins instantly with BOOM! Handreplayer. With a single click, upload any hand to the internet and at the same time share them with the world. BOOM! Handreplayer also permits you to watch hands played by Team Gopoker Pro, giving you a perfect look at how the best in the game make their moves.

We are hoping that you will enjoy the exclusive features of playing an online poker games at GoPoker.in on the Internet, and we intend to add more in the nearest future.



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