Leaderboard Challenge

Held over a period of 10 days, this challenge is packed with perks and special offers for every player. From deposit bonuses to daily challenges, the GoPoker.in Leaderboard Challenge is an opportunity for players to get max-value on their investment while standing a chance to make some serious money in the process.


Here are the Highlights:

a) Duration: 27 April – 6 May (6pm – 6pm)

b) Prizepool: Over 3 LAC + Travel Packages

c) Games Included: NLHE and PLO 6-max and 8-max ring games

d) Deposit bonus

Players will receive a 100% bonus on their deposit for amounts between 5k and 20k. This bonus will be rewarded as below:

Deposit Amount: 5k

Bonus: 25% Instant 75% Locked

Deposit Code: GOLB5

Deposit Amount: 10k

Bonus: 50% Instant 50% Locked

Deposit Code: GOLB10

Deposit Amount: 20k

Bonus: 75% Instant 25% Locked

Deposit Code: GOLB20


Re-Entry :

Players may Re-enter the challenge if they wish to, and a 100% Locked Bonus will be given for all 3 Deposit Categories.

Daily Leaderboard Updates :

Players may track their progress on the GoPoker.in Facebook page, where updates will be posted every evening.

Daily Challenges and Prizes :

We’re giving away one Maximum Buy-In to the player who clocks the most number of hands each day (minimum hands – 1000).

Win this challenge consecutively for 4 days to receive an additional 4x the Max Buy-In. For example, if a player wins this challenge for 4 days consecutively on a 25-50 table, in addition to receiving 5k every day, he will receive another 20k on the 4th day.

Winners get the following prizes :

1st – 50k + 25k travel package

2nd – 30k

3rd – 20k

Terms and Conditions:

a) Validity of promotion: April 27 (6pm) – May 6 (6pm)

b) Leaderboard will be updated every evening on the GoPoker.in Facebook Page.

c) Heads up tables will not be included in the hand count.

d) Locked bonus will be released into a players account as and when it is unlocked.

e) In order to withdraw funds, players will need to generate 10x the Deposit Amount in GoPoints. For example, if a player deposits 10k, they will need to generate 1Lac GoPoints.

f) Daily winners for the Hand Count Challenge will need to clock a minimum of 1000 post-flop hands to qualify. A Max buy-in will be rewarded to the winner based on the table (stakes) he has clocked the hands on.

g) The challenge requires a minimum 40 players to enroll to begin. In case less than 40 players enroll, the challenge will stand cancelled and buyins will be returned.

h) Players may play only cash games with this bankroll. In order to take part in a tournament during this period, please get in touch with us.

i) GoPoker.in reserves all rights to modify or end the promotion at any time without any prior notice to the players. Any abuse of bonus code or collusion between players will lead to immediate freezing of the account involved and confiscation of funds.

j) GoPoker.in reserves all rights to make binding decision in case of any conflict related to this promotion.

k) By taking part in this Promotion you agree to our terms and conditions.

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